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Increase the lifespan of your tyres

With our sophisticated laser wheel alignment tools, we can accurately align your wheels to ensure your car drives in a straight line, making it safer for you. We will compare the angles of your wheels against manufacturer recommendations and make the adjustments that are required. At Motoring Services, we specialise in four wheel alignment and associated solutions.


We also offer other vehicle maintenance services, which include vehicle repair, MOT services, vehicle servicing and many more.

Wheel alignment helps avoid

  • Steering malfunction  

  • Poor handling

  • Excessive tyre wear

  • Suspension wear

  • Pulling

  • Steering difficulties


You will benefit from our state of the art technology ensuring that your wheels are aligned, using the latest equipment. When you want the most accurate wheel alignment, you need our laser 4 wheel alignment service. You will notice the difference.

Wheel Alignment by Motoring Services

Laser wheel alignment and balancing in Warrington

laser wheel alignment